How to speed up windows 10 computer

As your PC ages, it collects fragments of temporary files and the hard drive becomes overloaded as a result, after enough time has passed, you will notice an important difference in your PC’s speed. While you can’t negate system slow-down as it pertains to age, you can do a few things to speed up its speed.


1. Restart your system

This is obvious to restart your device when it stops working efficiently; many users keep their systems running for weeks at a time. Windows 10 will put this display to sleep, but any procedures which have previously been started will continue. These can collect over time and decrease the speed of your PC. You can fix this problem by shutting down your device each day once you have finished using it. You can simply contact at Computer Customer Care Number to directly talk to the professionals if you experience any issue.

2 .Check startup applications

Computers can become bogged down by the number of running processes. This is because many installers will instruct Windows to run their programs after you log in, slowing down PC speed. To check your startup programs, open Task Manager, then select the ‘startup’ option. Pay close attention to the ‘Startup Impact’ values for each program. To avoid a program from launching on login just right-click and select ‘Disable’.

3 .Eliminate unnecessary software

Many PC dealers ship their devices with bundled third-party software, which due to its large size and unrequired nature is called ‘Bloat ware’. Many PC users also install software for a particular reason and never use it again. To verify your installed applications, go to Control Panel > Programs> Programs and Features > Uninstall a Program.

4. Upgrade your RAM

The simplest solution is to install more RAM. To determine the kind of memory your devices uses, open Task Manager, then click ‘Performance’. You can enhance the RAM if you need more space in your PC.

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