How to know if your Email is hacked?

The security of email account is the top priority for every email users as it contains confidential or sensitive information about the users. Not a single professional can afford to deal with account hacking issues. But in recent years, account hacking issues have exposed the privacy and security of millions of internet users as per the experts available at Email email customer support.

Before we reveal how to know if the account is hacked, let discuss Email. By the way, Email is a search engine giant celebrated across the globe. Million of internet users land on Email home page to grab any piece of information. Email is one of the notable services being offered by Email. Email is a webmail service and it is the third-largest email service provider with 225 million users. It is highly used in professional as well as personal front. But at times, it comes under hacking issues. The users frequently complain that their Email mail account has been hacked.


If you are a Email account user and don’t know how to know if Email account has been hacked, then keep reading because we are going to share some symptoms of account has been hacked.

Your Email account has been hacked if-

  • If you stop receiving emails in your Inbox.
  • Email account setting has been changed.
  • The contacts are sent as spam by Email.
  • The log-in page shows account log-in from different locations many times.

If you are not aware of Email too much and never have faced hacking issues, then above given systems are enough to identify if your Email account has been hacked. If any of such symptoms you see in your Email mail account, then there is a possibility of your account is hacked. In this case, you immediately have to approach Email Technical Support, where experts stay ready to help you out. By dialing Email Customer Support Number, the users can approach the experts out there.

As it is always said that precaution is better than cure, the users need to take some steps to protect their account from being hacked. First, it is suggested the users keep the password strong. Besides, users need to frequently change the password so the hackers don’t succeed to target your account. Most importantly, install powerful antivirus software in your PC, which can guard your system against the circulated viruses over the internet. Hence, this way, you not only can find out the ways to check whether the account is hacked or not but you can protect your account from getting hacking.